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Children are naturally curious and learn best through hands-on experiences and exploration. Kindermonkey  provides them with the opportunity to engage in activities that promote their cognitive, physical, and emotional development. Through play, children can learn important life skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication. They can also develop their creativity, imagination, and social skills as they interact with others. By creating an environment that encourages exploration and experimentation, parents and educators can foster a love of learning that will benefit children throughout their lives.


The Mission 

Creating opportunities for learning and play because all children

deserve to experience the magical world of imagination, 

Jill Johnson Eagan “The Lady” is creator, author and illustrator of Kindermonkey Learning Books.

She and Kindermonkey enjoy sharing stories with friends, presenting workshops to educators & childcare providers (DCDEE approved), and traveling to far away places to find as many banana trees as possible.

– Jill Johnson Eagan

Engage Your Child in Learning

Are you looking for a creative way to engage your child in learning? Look no further than Kindermonkey, a playful program that pairs educational activities with an imaginative world.

If you have been searching for a new way to make learning fun for your kiddos then Kindermonkey is definitely worth checking out! With its immersive world of play and education combined, it makes learning exciting once again!



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