Kindermonkey and the Big Blob

Is Kindermonkey a monster?
Find out what happens to Kindermonkey in this funny story!

Kindermonkey and Mozart’s Bananas

What is a very famous song that Mozart composed? Find out in this learning adventure of music, math, and science.

Kindermonkey and Mr. Bach’s Wig

What is something funny that Mr. Bach and Tarzan have in common?

Kindermonkey and Beethoven’s Beans

How many coffee beans does Mr. Beethoven have to have in his coffee? Make learning fun by combining math and music and Kindermonkey’s 4th book

Kindermonkey and Tchaikovsky’s Nutcraker Sweet

When Kindermonkey lands with a “plop” in the snow, he sees a sign that says, “Banana Land.”

What Kindermonkey Does at Night

What does Kindermonkey do at night? You will be surprised!

Kindermonkey and Whiney Cat’s First Day of School

Does going to school help whiney cat stop whining?

They Didn't Know They Were Different

Find out in this true story, how a dog, cat, and chicken did not know they were different ❤️

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